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I've never been a professional athlete and I rarely was among the best in gym class (Badminton aside). I know how it feels to be picked last for a team, but I still found the sports that I like and keep on doing. Fitness is more than personal bests or huge arms. It's about a way of life, a way of thinking and essentially about your health.
I've been doing endurance sports for almost 16 years now, starting with running, adding mountainbiking, road cycling and swimming to the mix later. I've got quite a few competitions under my belt and can give you advice for anything from a local 5k to a 24 hour march.
Before I became a Coach (Licence A and numerous CPD classes) I worked 7 years as a translator and copywriter. I know how an office job feels and what that can do to your body.
My hobbies include triathlon, music (playing drums with The Halo Trees) and martial arts (Aikido and Krav Maga).
I think my biggest personal achievement is completing the "Mammutmarsch" successfully: Walking 100 kilometers within 24 hours.
I really needed to overcome my fears for a skydive. I'm actually afraid of heights, so this jump was a crowbar therapy.

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What makes me a good Coach

I follow no dogma, neither in training nor in life. If it works, I'll do it.
I'm meticulous, loyal and have a quick comprehension, allowing me to adjust directly to you and your needs.
Dedication and Perseverance – probably the two most important characteristics of a triathlete – also apply to my work.
I'll keep on working until I see results, and you see them too.

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Reviews (translated from German)

  • I work in research and education and I have two kids in primary school. For years I've tried to get back into a fitness routine, but I kept telling myself that I had no time or money to work with a Personal Trainer. I've been working with Stefan since October 2019 and I feel healthy, strong and well again. Gyms closing because of Covid is a challenge, but 1-on-1 trainings at home or outdoors are the perfect remedy in these trying and stressful times. I can recommend Helwig Personal Training without reservations!
    Allison Berger
  • Stefan enabled me to restart running after a long period of injury, and he always responded quickly and flexibly to my problems. A Coach to recommend!
    Emil Scholten
  • Stefan is really nice and relaxed and taught me freestyle swimming technique in a very short amount of time.
  • The Training with Stefan is well organized and fun. From the initial call to the free consultation and the personal coaching sessions, the training has been professional and enjoyable. I'm very satisfied and can recommend Stefan as a Coach without reservations.
  • I like the flexibility with Stefan. Thanks to a Cross Training approach, my core is much more stable and I have finally learned the correct freestyle swimming technique at over 50 years of age. Stefan works with continuous improvement and he is really happy with the progress you make. This is just great fun!
  • The 7 day freestyle swim challenge was a unique experience for me! I would have never thought that I could learn to move confidently and effectively in the water in such a short time. I would have never dreamed about learning freestyle in such a short time. I found a very good and effective training process behind the challenge that works even for non-naturals like me. I have not only improved my swimming technique, the additional strength and mobility exercises were helpful for swimming and my days in the office. Stefan carefully explained the purpose of each exercise and its effects. For the first time ever, I received an effective training program for swimming. Thanks to Stefan, I now have fixed dates for swim training in my calendar. Stefan is a really sympathetic and experience Coach, thanks for everything!
  • I started working with Stefan in January. Today I ran my first marathon, much faster than I thought!
    It's a super training, you get a partner who's there for you whenever you need him. He accounts for everything and pushes you to new heights with every personal training session. I've felt such a big improvement since January and there's no end in sight.
    So if you want a training program that's perfectly tailored to you and explained in detail, you've come to the right place. I can only recommend it: Invest in yourself and everything is possible, and Helwig Personal Training is the place to get it.
    Thank you, looking forward to the next months 😎
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