The optimum Training Plan for your Goal

If you have goals, you need a plan to train for them.

Do you want to run a half-marathon distance? Finish a triathlon? Or really stir things up in the swimming pool and have fun in the water?

Together with you, I’ll develop a training plan that will get you to your goal, injury-free and efficient.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve signed up for a race. You’ve marked the big day with a red X in your calendar. You’re training diligently for the race. But then you hit a plateau and you stop progressing. You start training more, longer, harder. But nothing really changes and your partner is not really fond of you taking off for a workout 4 nights a week. To make things worse, you don’t really look forward to a workout anymore and since last week there’s this nagging pain that just won’t go away.

That’s what can happen when you train without a plan or with a random training plan you found on the web. Long-term performance improvement and load management? Nope. Does this plan consider your work situation or your next vacation? Don’t think so.

Your solution: A training plan that’s tailored to you and your needs. I take a lot of time for that and put a lot of thought into each week of your Endurance Sports Training Plan.

your training plan

How I create a Training Plan for you

First stop – the initial call: I want to find out what goals you have, if there’s a specific deadline and – most importantly – if I can help you reach them.

If that call is positive, I’ll show you your individual concept to get you to your goal in a Zoom call. For that Training Plan concept I consider, among other factors:

  • What are your goals?
  • Is there a deadline?
  • How experienced are you (in training years)?
  • What is your training situation like (equipment, time, routes, etc.)?
  • Are there any limitations due to professional or personal obligations?

The minimum duration for a training plan is 2 months. You’ll receive your training plan in a software/app that runs seamlessly on all devices. You’ll have your workouts available to you wherever you are, even on the track or in the dressing room of the pool. In addition to the training plan you’ll also get access to personal support from me via a messenger app and, depending on your needs, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly feedback calls.

Regular performance checks are included in the training plan just like a focused build-up of your capabilities for the big day. On race day, you’ll line up at the start knowing that nothing can stop you.

Training Planning is a science and an art – everyone adapts differently to a training stimulus or method. My goal is to find a way for each client that brings you to your goals effectively and is enjoyable in the long run!

Got a goal? You need a plan!

Now you know what you can expect from my Training Plan. Surely you already have your sights set on a goal.

Are you still dreaming about it, or do you really want to go there? Let’s find out if I can help you achieve your finish or your new personal best: Book your free initial call!

Stefan Helwig

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