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Hey there! I’m Stefan Helwig, your personal trainer for efficient movement on foot and in water.

I help IT specialists (and other) run faster and swim better without suffering injuries or training endlessly.

My clients often have busy schedules. They spent a lot of their workday in front of screens and spend many meetings sitting as well. Many of them have issues with their back and some can’t get a handle on their „love handles“.

They don’t like gyms that much – after spending most of the day in their (home) office they finally want to breathe some fresh air!

Those are the people I developed the LSS concept for: With my Hybrid Personal Training you’ll learn how to run relaxed, swim effortlessly and finally fix your posture in the process. I call this „meditation in movement“? You have fitness goals and you’re interested in endurance sports! I’ll be your guide to success, guaranteed!

Here you can find an overview of my Personal Training offering and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Training.

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Personal Training Services

Swim Coaching for beginners and advanced athletes

Do you finally want to learn how to propel yourself effortlessly and quickly through water? Would you like to know how to swim freestyle without gasping for air after 2 pool lengths? Maybe you even want to do your first triathlon, but swimming scared you off so far?

I’m your Personal Swim Coach, I can analyze videos of you swimming with you, and in Berlin, I’ll coach you personally IN the pool (not on the deck). This way you can progress fast and you’ll finally know how a good swimming style feels. Read on for further info about Swim Coaching.

Running Coaching and Running Technique Coaching

Running is a sport you can do just about anywhere that will make you extremely fit. I’m a Personal Coach and I’ve got 15 years of running and races under my belt. With me you’ll learn the basics of running technique and we’ll train your “gearbox” for higher speeds. This way you can crank out mile after mile with bulletproof legs. No matter if you’re running for fitness or if you’re training for a race: With Personal Coaching I’ll support you on any adventure from your first 5k run to a marathon. Details about the Running Coaching.

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Triathlon Coaching: the whole package

The supreme discipline in endurance sports—a triathlon: swim, bike and run. When you want to conquer this challenge successfully, you'll need a coach who is meticulous about getting to know you and your goals and plans you training accordingly.

Learn more about professional Triathlon Coaching.

Performance Training for maximum potential

I have developed a Strength & Conditioning Concept specifically for endurance athletes. With this concept, your body will become robust, quick and athletic. This will prevent injuries from messing up your day or your season. You’ll gain more confidence moving in everyday situations and trying out any sport you like, plus a perfect posture for that good feel in the office, in front of your mirror and at the beach. Do you want to tap into your full power all the time? Then learn more about the benefits of Performance Training.

Coaching and Programming

Do you want to improve your fitness and your personal bests anytime and in any location? Do you still want feedback on areas to improve and a training program tailored to you and your life?

Then come and get coached by me. I’ll plan your training for your goal, your race, your whole season even. Constantly updated and always adjusted to your personal needs. Plus feedback via messenger apps, phone or video calls. If you need that, we can even analyze videos of you in your running shoes, in the pool, etc.

Sounds good? This way to the Coaching and Programming page.

Training for you. Period.

Personal Training means you’re the star of the show. What are your goals. How will you achieve them? What obstacles block the way?

I’ll meet you exactly where you are right now. With each session, you’ll gain a wealth of information to continually improve yourself. I’ll make sure that you stay on course towards your goals.

When you stick to my plan for your goals, you’ll soon notice how fast things can change: Soon you’ll feel differently and move differently as well. You’ll become a better athlete than you’ve ever been.

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Certified Coach
In a Personal Training Session, I pay close attention to you and your progress. I’m familiar with the typical challenges of my clients and I’ ve developed solutions that have been proven in the field.

The basis of my concept is an effective training process that works for anyone and everyone. You’ll get to know exactly what you are training for and what the effects are.
Dein Personal Trainer

My Philosophy

Humans need to move, it’s hard-wired in us.

With my Training Concept, we’ll build the base for a new awareness of your body and peak performances that you would have never thought possible.

My motto: Stillstand ist kein Zustand! (loosely translated: A rolling stone gathers no moss)

Frequently Asked Questions about my Personal Training (FAQ)

Want some additional information before committing to the coaching with a Personal Trainer in Berlin to achieve your personal goals? Here you can find a few answers to frequently asked questions that will help you with your decision.

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, book your initial call and ask me directly. Talk to you soon!

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?

As your Personal Coach, I cater to your specific wants and needs. I’ll show you the way to a great-looking body, more performance and successful races!

Now, what does this mean in practice?

  • Outsource – Take the guesswork out of it. Remember the last time you spent hours with planning a training program, only to wonder if you’ve dialed the intensity in correctly, how to schedule your workouts for a week and all those other things? Or have you trained with a cookie-cutter training program and hit a wall? That won’t be an issue anymore, your Personal Trainer will take care of organizing your workouts and will handle everything from load management to recovery.
  • Motivation – Have you ever skipped a workout due to a lack of motivation? Now go ahead and try that knowing that your Coach has put a lot of thought into each of your workouts! Plus, now you have someone to ask any question, anytime. And yes, I mean any: How fast should I run the High Aerobic block? What do you mean by medley swimming? What are my hips supposed to do for this exercise? There are no stupid questions, you are here to learn something from me! And when you need a little extra push and motivation, your Personal Trainer is there for you.
  • Tailored Training – You’re living your own life, you’re pursuing your own goals. You need a training program that reflects that. This may sound obvious, but you’ve probably seen it yourself or heard it from a friend: Most training programs out there have a “one size fits all” approach and don’t consider you or your specific requirements. You won’t find something like that with me! My focus is your performance under your current circumstances. In your initial call, I will tell you honestly whether your goals are realistic and how we can achieve them.
  • Results – I won’t be satisfied until you have reached your goal – and have gone beyond that ;-). We’ll do regular performance checks, adjust your training constantly and we’ll challenge you in every way possible. You’ll be surprised how much power you’ve got in you!
  • Health – Endurance Sports and Strength Training have proven to be very good for you and your body. Personal Training is the Premium Version of that – eliminating the stress and the guesswork. In the long run, every workout you do will pay enormous dividends!

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What are the requirements for Personal Training?

As the name suggests, your Personal Trainer will tailor everything to your needs. I don’t care if you’ve never thought about training before you visited this website or if you’ve been training for years and you want to set and achieve new goals now.

One thing I do require though: You should be in good health. That means: No illness or physiotherapy that has a clear contraindication for sports. Still, after you’ve recovered, I’ll be there to guide you back into a structured training program and find your new or old strength.

In addition, you need enough free time to exercise at least two times per week regularly, for two months. Anything below that won’t yield the results that you and I are aiming for. Your time will be well invested: more energy, more power, better sleep and a stable body weight are a few of the benefits achievable. In short, you’ll be healthier and more powerful. I’ve written a whole blog about this.

Considering the time of the day for your training, we are very flexible – in the Hybrid Coaching even more than in my Personal Coaching in Berlin. I take a lot of time to prepare and follow-up each session with you, so expect you to show up on time and perform to the best of your ability. I do understand when life gets in the way, but we need a fixed time-slot that you have full control over.

Should you have specific constraints or challenges, I’m looking forward to your message and I’ll gladly explain how Personal Training can help you achieve your goals just as well. Book your slot for an initial call with me right now and tell me about your goals!

How does Personal Training in English in Berlin work?

Looking for a knowledgeable coach, you’ve found my website and read this far – that is your first step to success. Now you only need to contact me – book your slot for a 15 minute initial call with me to analyze your situation and your goals.

Based on this analysis, I’ll draw out a concept for you to achieve your goals with me. As soon as your coaching starts, I’ll be available for you via Whatsapp and Zoom, as well as in person, depending on the place you live. If you don’t live in Berlin, you can use my Hybrid Coaching and benefit from a detailed video analysis of you, among other things.

My main area of operation is the Berlin district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, but I coach clients in all of Berlin, Germany and Austria (Hybrid Coaching).

Which methods do you employ in a Personal Training in English?

My training methods are as diverse as the fitness goals of my clients. From Stability Training to counteract chronic running pain and provide more speed to interval training for weight management and more power, I use it all. Your training program will be tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and I’ll keep in mind what kind of training you like most. The basic principle: Quality beats quantity. By combining different training zones and methods we can provide a focused stimulus to build your skills and increase your fitness.

Specific nutrition advice for endurance athletes will complement your training with the right macro- and micronutrients, so that you reach your goals even sooner.

For performance checks I use test races, my own performance diagnostics method and a professional breath gas analysis. For the latter I work with partners to provide you with a comprehensive fitness analysis.

Where can you do Personal Training in Berlin?

For the Swim Coaching we can use different public pools in Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Steglitz or Lichterfelde. A Running Coaching can be done more or less everywhere, for example in one of the many parks of Berlin, along a canal or in an athletic stadium.

With the Performance Training you’re completely independent from any location because I only use 3 things: your bodyweight, a suspension trainer and resistance bands. That’s enough to push anyone to their limits and improve their athletic performance. Those 3 methods are also the ones that I have the most experience with and that I’ve seen the biggest success with, even for myself. As a client, you’ll benefit from this experience and passion in the form of a multitude of exercises that will challenge you but are fun just as well.

Of course, your Personal Trainer will show you in detail how to do the Performance Training exercises, so that you can do them safely on your own – outdoors or in your own home. As you can see, we are very flexible with your possibilities to improve your athletic performance and to achieve your goals.

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