Hey there! I’m Stefan Helwig.
I'll show you how to move efficiently.

I help you run faster and swim better.

My clients have demanding jobs, they spend a lot of their workday in front of screens and seated. They don’t like gyms that much – after spending most of the day in their (home) office they finally want to breathe some fresh air!

Their interest lies in running, swimming or triathlon. With my PFS Concept they learn how to run effortlessly, swim relaxed and increase their performance along the way. I will guide you to success as well!

Here you can find an overview of my Personal Training offering and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Training.

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Personal Training Services

Swim Coaching for absolute beginners and budding triathletes

You're an adult, but you never learned how to swim? We'll show you the way–with 1:1 coaching and group class options–finally becoming comfortable in the water.

Do you finally want to learn freestyle to take up swimming for your fitness goals, and even do a triathlon race? I'll show you the key points to focus on and help you develop a relaxed technique.

Read on for further info about Swim Coaching.

Running / Technique Coaching

Do you want to crush your personal marathon milestone? I'll support you for the whole season, preparing you and making sure everything falls into place on Day X.

Are you fed up with training on a plateau and injuries creeping up again and again? I have more than 17 years of running and racing experience, with me you'll learn the best technique for full control over your style–plus we'll establish your "gearbox" for faster speeds. At your next race, you'll be in the shape of your life.

Details about the Running Coaching.

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Triathlon Coaching

Are you dreaming of your very own triathlon adventure and looking for expert coaching? I'll support you with in-depth consultation on gear, a personalized training plan and everything else.

Or do you need help with structuring your training or improving your swimming and running technique to finally crush your personal best? That is another thing I excel in.

Learn more about professional Triathlon Coaching.

Training. Specifically for you.

Personal Training means, you and your goals are the stars of the show. Where are you? Where do you want to go? Which obstacles are in the way?

I'll meet you exactly where needed. Each session, each workout will improve your performance long-term. I'll make sure you stay on course.

When you implement the training based on my PSF Concept, you'll notice how quickly things can change: Soon you'll feel more confident and move more efficiently.

Personal Training is personal coaching and support with any questions you have. No matter if you choose 1:1 Coaching, Remote Coaching with a training plan or a swim group class, I'll pay close attention to your progress and make sure we communicate often and exchange feedback–that's essential to really help you.

You tell me the problem, I'll show you solutions. I know my clients' typical challenges and I've developed tools to solve them that have been proven countless times.

My Concept includes a very effective training process that works for everyone. You'll know exactly what each workout does and how you benefit from it.

Your search for the best Personal Endurance Trainer in Berlin is done

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My Philosophy

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Frequently Asked Questions about my Personal Training (FAQ)

Want some additional information before committing to the coaching with a Personal Trainer in Berlin to achieve your personal goals? Here you can find a few answers to frequently asked questions that will help you with your decision.

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, book your initial call and ask me directly. Talk to you soon!

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?


As your Personal Coach, I cater to your specific wants and needs. I’ll show you how to develop a relaxed swimming style, an effortless running technique and of course how to increase your performance and succeed in races!

Now, what does this mean in practice?

  • Outsource – Take the guesswork out of it. Remember the last time you spent hours with planning a training program, only to wonder if you’ve dialed the intensity in correctly and how to schedule your workouts for a week? Did you follow a cookie-cutter training program and hit a wall? That won’t be an issue anymore, your Personal Trainer will take care of organizing your workouts and will handle everything from load management to recovery.
  • Motivation – Have you ever skipped a workout due to a lack of motivation? Now go ahead and try that knowing that your Coach has put a lot of thought into each of your workouts! Plus, now you have someone to ask any question, anytime. And yes, I mean any: How fast should I run the High Aerobic block? What do you mean by Individual Medley? What are my hips supposed to do for this exercise? There are no stupid questions, you are here to learn something from me! And when you need a little extra push and motivation, your Personal Trainer is there for you.
  • Tailored Training – You’re living your own life, you’re pursuing your own goals. You need a training program that reflects that. This may sound obvious, but it is absolutely essential! My focus is your performance under your current circumstances. In your initial call, I will give you an honest take on whether your goals are realistic and how we can achieve them.
  • Results – I won’t be satisfied until you have reached your goal – and have gone beyond that! We’ll do regular performance checks, adjust your training constantly and we’ll challenge you in every way possible. You’ll be surprised how much power you’ve got in you!
  • Health – Endurance Sports and Strength Training have proven to be very good for you and your body. Personal Training is the Premium Version of that – eliminating the stress and the guesswork. In the long run, every workout you do will pay enormous dividends!

Still not completely convinced?

That's what my clients are saying about me

What are the requirements for Personal Training?

I've been coaching swimming and running for more than 7 years now. This led to a list of prerequisites that have to be met in order for any coaching offer to work:

  • First of all, we need a goal. That can be anything from running a 5 minute pace without knee pain to learning freestyle swimming for a triathlon race. I'll support you on the way to your goal. But without a goal, personal training won't get you anywhere.
  • You need to be at full health. That means: no illness/injury or ongoing physio sessions that generally rule out exercise. We can fix sport-specific issues like acute overload pain or sore muscles, things like inflammations and fractures should be looked at by a doctor. However, I'd love to help you get back into a training routine and find your old strength.
  • You need to be ready and willing to work on yourself, to push and to complete your workouts consistently.
  • You need to give me feedback regularly and communicate openly with me.
  • You have to be ready to train with me consistently for at least 2 months. I don't offer individual lessons or training gift cards for people I haven't talked to in person. If you want to gift training sessions to your partner, just book an Initial Call for them–that is a gift in itself.
  • Ideally, you're already using a sports watch like Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Apple or Wahoo.

If you have specific limitations or problems, I'd be happy to hear about your challenges and we'll figure out if there's a way to your goals with personal training. Go ahead and book your Initial Call now, tell me about your goals!

How does Personal Training in English in Berlin work?

Looking for a knowledgeable coach, you’ve found my website and read this far–that is your first step to success. Now you only need to contact me–book your slot for an Initial Call with me to analyze your situation and your goals.

In this call, I’ll draw out a concept for you to achieve your goals with me. As soon as your coaching starts, I’ll be with you as your personal coach–in our 1:1 training sessions and personally via Whatsapp and Zoom. If you don’t live in Berlin, you can use my Remote Coaching and benefit from a detailed video analysis, training plans, daily feedback and more.

My main area of operation is the Berlin district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, but I coach clients in all of Berlin, and with the Remote Coaching option all over the world.

Regarding training hours, we're very flexible–in Remote Coaching even more than in 1:1 training. I take a lot of time to prepare and debrief every session with, so I expect you to give your best and stick to the schedule.

Which methods do you employ in a Personal Training in English?

My training methods are as varied as my clients' goals:

  • Water Feel for swimming

To swim well, you need confidence in the water and have a perception of the laws of physics that apply there. I'll help you develop water feel with mental images that allow you to control what happens outside your field of vision.

  • Speed Feel for running

To feel at ease when running, having control over your speed, you need specific visualizing techniques. I'll show you the key points for your performance improvement and help you overcome your doubts.

  • Body awareness / pacing for triathlon

A full-body activity, a triathlon race will challenge you like no other competition. Your perception of easy and hard will fluctuate during the race and you need to know when you can trust your mind and when it's simply messing with you. We'll develop these awareness and pacing skills with race-specific brick workouts, geared towards your weaknesses.

  • Individual training plans

Everyone reacts different to stimuli. Do you need training with the "long & easy" method, or are you the type to adjust well to high-intensity intervals? Do you like running uphill and swimming with paddles, or are you more of a top-speed person? All that will factor into your training plan.

  • Technique training

Good technique is a key factor for more efficiency and performance. I'll show you the correct posture, angles and movements in swimming and running. On top, I'll provide you with practical exercises to improve your technique right away, even in a race.

  • Strength & mobility

The skill of being stable and mobile at the right moment is the biggest multiplier in endurance sports. After your initial performance check, we'll continuously work on your muscular deficits and help you become injury-free and powerful long-term.

  • Recovery

To reap the benefits of your hard training, you need to recover! We'll discuss the best way to do that in detail, covering topics such as sleep, nutrient supply, active recovery.

  • Performance check

To check your progress, I use test races, my own performance diagnostics method and professional breath gas analysis with external partners.

Where can you do Personal Training in Berlin?

For the Swim Coaching we can use different pools in Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Steglitz or Lichterfelde.

Running Coaching can be done more or less everywhere, for example in one of the many parks of Berlin, or in an athletic stadium.

With Remote Coaching, you're completely free to chose, you perform the workouts and I support you with technique feedback and data analysis.

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