You’ve hit this website searching for a Swim Coach in Berlin, right?

You’ve come to the right  place – I can help you become a better swimmer. By the way, my offer is not limited to Berlin, my Hybrid Swim Coaching Program is available worldwide.

Do you want to improve your swim technique, compete in your first triathlon or simply keep fit with a sport that’s easy on your joints? Then a Personal Swim Coaching is just the thing for you. No matter if you’re a beginner in the pool or if you can count lengths in your sleep, with my help you can get tot he next level in swimming.

What type of swimmer are you?

Beginner / Learn to Swim

learn swimming

You want to feel at ease in the water and not be afraid anymore? I can help you learn a relaxed swimming style in a short amount of time. My concept includes small steps for continuous success, guiding you to confidence in the water, so that you can swim to build your mobility, strength and endurance.

I'll be right by your side in the water, I can show you how good swimming technique feels and how to feel errors in your technique
You’ll train and learn at your own pace. We’ll only go on with the next lesson when you’ve really understood the previous one.
You won't need to meet any athletic requirements: Strength, breathing capacity and everything else are things you'll develop with swimming.
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Freestyle / Triathlon

freestyle swimming

You are ambitious and have serious goals for the pool? I've developed a specific concept for triathletes and other athletic swimmers that caters to your needs:

A Personal Trainer right by your side (in the water!) who can show you  the ins and outs of a swimming technique that works for you
A simplified categorization of your training zones for your specific swimming distances, e.g. 200m sprinter vs. middle distance triathlete (1900m)
The right blend of challenging intervals and stimulating technique drills to make you progress faster in the pool
Our no-nonsense approach provides a proven program for your success                           
Tips for your personal swimming style, e.g. optimum kick frequenz, stroke rhythm or breathing technique
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Typical Issues of my Swim Coaching Clients

Throughout the years, I've helped many people fix problems with their swimming technique and achieve ambitious goals. This is a list of recurring issues that I have experience with:

While swimming, you experience problems or pain in your shoulder, but only in the water. Your root cause is most likely your swim technique, which we can correct.
You don't have any endurance in freestyle swimming, you can barely manage 2 lengths before you blow up. It's highly likely that your freestyle technique is a mess and you're making it much harder for you than you would need to.
You don't like going to the gym, but you still want to establish a workout routine. For that goal, you want to learn how to swim (preferably freestyle). I can show you the right way from the start.
You haven't had your face in the water while swimming yet, you don't feel comfortable doing that. I even had clients who felt panic looking into deep water. This is something we can fix in the personal training.
You're an adult, but you don't know how to swim at all. No need to feel ashamed! We offer group classes and 1:1 coaching for this goal. I've worked with may adults and I know the steps to turn you from a water-shy beginner to a confident swimmer.
You say you know how to swim freestyle, but you're not getting anywhere. The more effort you put in, the slower you seem to go. Sometimes you get passed by breaststroke swimmers! I can change that, with focused technique and strength training.
You're lacking the endurance and power for longer swim distances, ruining your dreams for an Olympic or Middle Distance Triathlon (almost 2000 meters swimming). With my training, you'll gain confidence for long distances and you'll come out of the water with fresh legs for cycling.
You'd like to try a triathlon race, but open water still scares you. I have years of racing experience and I know the conditions of lake and sea swims quite well. I can show you how to navigate through the "washing machine" and arrive safely at the exit point.
You got injured in another sport (like soccer or running) but still want to keep working out. Swimming looks good, but you never really learned how to do it. We can build onto your existing fitness and develop a swim routine for you that will be more than just "counting tiles".
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Swim Coaching

Should I be able to swim when I start the Swim Coaching?

Depending on the goals you have, it will definitely help if you can already swim a few lengths confidently (any style!). But even as an absolute beginner you’ll benefit from a Personal Swim Coaching and I’ll explain to you in detail how to move effortlessly and efficiently in the water.


Where can I do a Swim Coaching with you in Berlin?

We can use the public pools (Berliner Bäder) in the South-West of Berlin, depending on their capacity. This is where I do my own training as well, so I know those pools inside out. The lakes in the South-West (Schlachtensee, Krumme Lanke) are a good option as well if you want to gain open water experience.

On request, we can also do the Personal Swim Coaching sessions in pools that are further away from my office, e.g. the SSE near Landsberger Allee, or we can work with videos of you swimming in a completely different pool, for example if you live in a different city or outside of Germany.


How long until something changes/improves?

Of course, that really depends on what you want to change. When we optimize your technique, you’ll feel taht right on the spot. For the training effect of workouts to catch on, that usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. You’ll also quickly notice changes in your body composition – maybe that’s one of your goals as well?


How often per week should I do a Personal Swim Coaching with you?

As often as you can and want to! For a good start, the minimum is one session per week, so that I can check your swimming technique regularly. On top of that, you should do a second swim workout per week with me or on your own if you really want to get somewhere. Anything beyond that is really ambitious and takes time to establish in terms of volume.


Can I do a Swim Coaching even without access to a swimming pool?

Yes, that’s possible actually. With my PSF Concept we’ll cover precisely this topic. If you want to learn more, you can have a look at this blog article (written in German). Certain things, for example the feel fort he water, can only be trained in the pool. But Performance Training is a great alternative for those days where you can’t make it to the pool.


Which swimming style is the best?

Butterfly! Just kidding. The best style is the one you’re comfortable with. However, it doesn’t hurt to have different swimming styles in your toolbox to vary your workouts. I prefer freestyle, backstroke and butterfly – those are the stylest hat I teach in my Swim Coaching. Breaststroke bears a bit of a risk. If you want to know why, send me an e-mail and I’ll tell you more.

And now let's start your Swim Coaching and hit the pool!

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Stefan Helwig

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