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I guess you were searching for something like „Running Coaching in Berlin“ and have found my website? Great choice, I’ll make you faster and better. My concept is called LSS – slow to safe, safe to fast. That’s the top priority in my training and the guarantor for top performance that you can tap into without fear of injury.

No matter whether you’re beginning your running journey or you’re an experienced athlete, all runners have one need in common: a varied running training program that is actually fun! You don’t want to crank out steady runs 4 times per week, but neither do you want or need constant interval training that will bring you on the brink of overtraining and injury. Welcome to a Running Coaching that takes you and your situation into account!

Running is probably the oldest endurance sport and if done properly, it will improve your fitness as much as your health – all while clearing your mind, enjoy the fresh air, recharge your batteries and strengthen your immune system – and the list goes on and on...

And whether you’re running a marathon or your favorite local route: Once you’ve found your optimum running technique, you’ll fly and never want to stop – promise!

What can you expect from a Personal Running Coaching?


I’ll make sure that your performance improves while still planning for the necessary rest and recovery, so that you can cross the finish line without any injuries. Endurance is more than just a “big engine”, so we’ll incorporate strength training and nutrition advice to improve your fitness all around and to get you in the best shape for your race in Berlin, Germany or anywhere in the world.

A proven program

Are you fed up with guesswork and cookie-cutter programs like “half-marathon prep in 12 weeks”? I feel you, and I got you. This crowbar-style training doesn’t work for everyone and causes a lot of injuries. Add special circumstances like long working hours, a family and other obligations and a ready-made training program definitely won’t cut it for you.

Instead, I’ll prepare your personal training program each week that gets you – and only you – in top shape. No matter if you’re a C Suite Executive doing 5 business trips per month or the IT Team Lead caring for a family with 2 kids, I can adjust to many situations and still deliver results for your running training.

Help with any and every running problem

You probably had a question about running once that even Google couldn’t answer.

  • „Why am I having a stitch while running?“
  • „How can I prevent my inner thighs from chafing on long runs?“
  • „Why are my knees feeling funny after a trail run in the forest?“

Your personal trainer has been running for 15 years and knows the answer to almost any question. And if not, I know where to look for the answer! As I always tell my clients, there are no stupid questions. With me you’ll acquire more practical endurance sports knowledge than if you had studied the topic.

Tips for a long and healthy running habit

Running beginners and returning runners benefit particularly from a Personal Coaching so that they can start their journey with proper technique from day one and without overdoing their training. But experienced runners can also reap the benefits of a knowledgeable Running Coach who keeps a keen eye on their running form.

Who knows, maybe your legs harbor a lot of untapped potential?

Laufschuhe vor einem Feld

Who can do a Running Coaching?

As the many social runs, running groups and even classes show, Berlin feels like millions of people are running through the parks here. You want to be one of them? After checking the essential health parameters (can also be done with your physician) you can start running und improve slowly but steadily.

Nonetheless, the Running Coaching by Helwig Personal Training is also for advanced and ambitious athletes who are looking for new personal bests. The basis of the Running Coaching remains a technique check with an evaluation and specific correction measures. This is especially helpful in the Hybrid Coaching model all throughout Germany and the world. You’ll learn how optimal running feels and how to correct your technique by yourself.

Your Running Coach Stefan Helwig can get you from 0 to 30 minutes of running without injuries just as well as to your first half marathon or marathon finish.

So when you want to clear you mind and a running class or a group is not your thing, the Personal Running Coaching in Berlin is the thing for you.

Where and how does a Running Coaching in Berlin work?

In general, we can choose from many different possibilities that the city offers for outdoor, indoor and hybrid training.

Outdoor Training

For outdoors, we can either set up a meeting point in a park, or – if you live close to a suitable running route – I can pick you up from your doorstep and accompany you on the bike. No matter the weather, you can put on your running shoes and kickstart your training. The south-west of Berlin offers many nice places for a run: There’s Tiergarten (obviously), Volkspark Wilmersdorf, the parks near Erlenbusch and of course Grunewald, one of my favorite spots for trail runs!

And when you have really ambitious goals, our training sessions will take place on the track as well, for example in the stadiums of Schöneberg or Wilmersdorf. With the intervals we’ll do there you’ll step into a whole new world of training intensity. So if you thought you knew what intense training was, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the speed ;-)

Indoor Training

Indoor Training may not be as varied as the outdoor alternative, but on a treadmill you can control exactly how fast you’re going. This way, you can use my Running Coaching anywhere in the world and benefit from video analyses and detailed training programming in the hybrid coaching. If you like, I can guide you through your indoor running workout in a live video call!

Running Coaching Methodology

A running workout includes 3 basic parts: warm-up, the main workout and the cooldown. First we get you moving and focus on certain aspects of your running form, then we challenge your capabilities and at the end you cool down smoothly to prepare for your well-deserved rest.

As an experienced runner you might say that you already know those components of a running workout?! Well, the rest of the methodology is my very own LSS Concept that combines the best principles of sports science. Since I plan a personal program for each client, I can only tell you the basics: My training methodology covers all training zones and factors that might have been neglected before. My goal is to make you an all-around healthy and robust runner who can finish their whole season without any injury.

Stefan Helwig - run faster, swim better!

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