A triathlon is a big dream for most recreational athletes, you could even say—their biggest dream. When you set this goal for yourself, you typically are experienced in running or cycling and now you're looking to get into swimming as well.

Do these triathlon coaching challenges sound familiar?

Gear overload: Road bike, TT bike, trisuit, wetsuit? What do I need anyway?!
Freestyle swimming turns into survival mode in the open water
No confidence in open water ("I can't see in this stuff! Am I swimming straight?")
Heavy legs when you start your run after cycling
What are those triathlon race rules about? Drafting? Wetsuits allowed? Littering?
Managing nutrition and hydration in all 3 disciplines of the triathlon
"How should I train for a triathlon?"
"What do I need to know when preparing for a triathlon race?"

I feel you, because my first foray into triathlon was riddled with slip-ups and failures as well. I want to spare you that experience and provide you with professional triathlon coaching as your one-stop shop for all things swimming, biking and running.

This is what you'll get:

Motivation to train regularly
A clear path towards your goal, no matter if you're just starting out on a sprint triathlon or if you're aiming for a long distance / Ironman race
Proper technique for all 3 sports (swimming, cycling and running) that you'll remember for your whole life
A varied training program full of fun and challenging workouts that will get you in perfect shape for your race and avoid injuries along the way

What can you expect from a Triathlon Coaching?

1. Complex training simplified

Triathlon is a very complex sport. 3 or even 4 disciplines (you read that right, don't forget performance training!) have to be combined and balanced. Training load management can get tricky sometimes, but you won't need to worry about that. You'll receive a personal training plan in a weekly rhythm that considers your individual circumstances (job stress, amount of sleep, etc.).

2. Long-term planning for your Triathlon Coaching goal

For a strong middle distance triathlon finish (think Ironman 70.3), you should train between 6 and 8 months. All the periodisation and priorities will be set by your Triathlon Coach. You've got enough balls in the air just managing your job, free time and social activities, you don't need a sports science degree just to create a training plan that ends up failing you. Let a pro handle the planning and just enjoy your triathlon training and races!

3. Constant feedback on your progress—confidence on race morning

In Triathlon Coaching, the most important thing is making sure that you're on track from the very beginning. Base training deficits can't be magically cured later in the season, and that is why we'll check your progress constantly right from the start and we'll take corrective measures if necessary. That way I'll make sure you're confident and ready for your day X.

4. Technique and form that you'll remember your whole life

Endurance sports is about more than just a strong engine and tirelessly working muscles, it's also about technique: Freestyle technique, running from, but also pedaling technique on the bike. I'll teach you all you need to know in a way you'll remember forever and you can draw on whenever you need to, even deep in the red zone. That is what triathlon coaching is all about.

Triathlon Coaching Building Blocks

Running Coaching, including a video analysis of your form

The baseline for injury-free running and quick progress. All info about Running Coaching

Cycling Coaching—by heart rate or wattage

Tailored to your gear: trekking bike, MTB or roadbike / TT bike, outdoors or indoors

Swim Coaching—focusing on technique and endurance

This sport is the toughest for most future triathletes. In my Swim Coaching you'll learn an efficient freestyle technique for life and you'll get tips for open water swimming.

Performance Training—eliminating weak points

The 4th building block in any good Triathlon Coaching. Performance Training will make you strong and athletic.

Brick Sessions—preparing for your triathlon race

Bricks build your form! Brick sessions are an integral part of every triathlon training and will get you ready for race day.

When will you start your Personal Triathlon Coaching?

Are you looking to start your own #swimbikerun adventure? Are you looking for a passionate coach to support you on your journey? You've come to the right place to get professional Triathlon Coaching. I've been in this world for 7 years and I have plenty of experience toeing the start line myself and getting athletes there.

My clients regularly make the top third in their age group and increase their performance multiple times during a season. And they do all of that with a smile on their finisher photo, because my Triathlon Coaching prepared them perfectly for their race!

Stefan Helwig

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