Finish your marathon – strong and smiling!

Finish your marathon – strong and smiling!

with an individual plan for your goal
Free Initial Call


Personal running form check for a great start
Train and finish your first marathon injury-free
An individual training plan, considering your available time
Advice on shoes, nutrition, etc.

Veteran with a time goal?

Unfold your full running potential and break your next barrier
Flexible training planning, synching with Garmin & Apple, plus feedback from your coach
Live support from your coach, available 5 days a week, 10 hours per day

How it works

In the Initial Call, we'll give you a realistic assessment of your goal (e.g. finish a marathon in under 4 hours)
We'll check your running form for efficiency, plan your training every week and are always available to support you.
You train with our guidance and achieve your marathon milestone.
We'll discuss the possible path to reaching your marathon goal
Start Your Marathon Journey

Your benefits with a professional marathon prep

Our coaching is geared specifically towards amateur runners, who love the sport, but still need to balance running with the rest of their life.

We believe you can still achieve the performance of your life, when the training approach is tailored to you!
Improve your running efficiency for long distances
Enjoy the training process, instead of just checking boxes
Build confidence through performance checks and test races
We'll build your personal marathon strategy, not just "try to hold the goal pace"
Marathon FinishMarathon Finish

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